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Aging Gracefully is Overated

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Planning Process
Request a Quote Form
Request a Quote Form
Please provide us with some general information to prepare us for your complimentary initial consultation.
These details will allow our event planner to quickly assess your specific needs and to follow up with you directly.
If you have any questions please call us at: (770) 679-0621
If you prefer, you may also email us at
How did you hear about us?_____________________________________________
Contact name:________________________________
Phone #:__________________________ Email Address:__________________________
How would you prefer to be contacted?  ( ) Phone      ( ) Email
If by phone, when is a good time to contact you?    _____________( )AM  ( )PM
Type of Event: ( )Wedding ( ) Social ( ) Corporate
Comment: ____________________________________________________________________
Event Name:_________________________________________
Who else is involved in the event? (i.e. speakers, etc.)
Key Participants (List contact information for key people involved in the event
Do you need to have an organizing meeting? ( )yes  ( )no
How many people do you expect to attend?________________________
Start Time:________ ( )AM  ( )PM
End Time:_________ ( )AM ( )PM
What is your budget for this event?_____________
What type of room set up will you need?
                                                             ____ Tables
                                                             ____ Chairs
                                                             ____ Massage Tables
                                                             ____ Other_________________________________
Will food or beverage be provided? ( )yes ( ) no
Do you need to create an event "agenda" for participants? ( )yes ( )no
What hand out information, if any, will you give to the media? To participants?
How will you advertise/promote event?________________________________________________________
At the waxing studio we will promote your event on our website as a complimentary service to you when you decide to have your event with us.
We can also link your website to  
We will also hand out your flyers and posters to our clientele for your events that need our promotional support.
We will also email our clientele to help support your events.
Describe any special needs or additional comments:_____________________________________________________________________