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Aging Gracefully is Overated

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 At The Waxing Studio, our concept of skincare treatments and facials is to offer customized services to meet the specific needs of our clients and their skin. Our treatments are given with one on one care!!! Our Esthetician spends her time in the treatment room with you, giving you customized care and those little extras that we hope will keep you coming back time after time again. We hope you find that our selection of services meets your expectations.
The Studio Facial                                                                30min $50
 The studio facial is our signature introduction to facials.  This oxygen infused treatment is beneficial to all skin types and conditions. Oxygen is essential for cell growth therefore it nourishes the skin cells.  It does not include the hand and foot massage. 
Teen Facial                                                                          45min $45
Our teen facial will address the specific skin care needs of teens such as controlling “T” zone oiliness, refining pores, soothe and heal blemishes, and control skin's irritation.
Hyperpigmentation/Lightening Facials                                 60min $85
The perfect facial to treat and reduce hyperpigmentation which are dark marks, such as age spots on the skin allowing for a more even skin tone and a brighter complexion.

Antioxidant Facial                                                                                 60min $85
Concerned about the signs of aging on your skin? This vitamin C infused antioxidant treatment is great for sun damaged, prematurely aging and devitalized skin! Your skin will be noticeably firmer, smoother, energized and revived. A great treatment to use before a special occasion because of its immediate visible results.
Purifying/Clarifying Facial                                                    60min $90
Rich anti-bacterial and antiseptic ingredients, this facial will decongest, desensitize, heal and purify the skin. It will help to control breakouts, while normalizing oil production and help to tighten the pores. 
Firming Facial                                                                     60min $90
 An excellent natural alternative to a surgical face-lift. It improves skin’s elasticity, repairs fine lines by stimulating  fibroblast (which are cells that produce collagen and elastin in our skin). It leaves the skin with a firming, tightening effect.


Calming/Rosacea                                                                 60min $90

 This anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant treatment is suitable for sensitive skin, skin with allergic tendencies. This facial also strengthens fragile skin and capillary walls therefore diffusing any redness and blotchiness in the skin while soothing irritated skin.


Hydrating Facial                                                                75min $90

 This moisture binding facial is deeply hydrating. It immediately eases dryness by improving the skins moisture level. Paraffin locks moisture into the skin, leaving it softer and hydrated


Gentlemen's Facial                                                                60min $80
It’s a man’s world where this treatment is customized especially to treat the needs of male skin, such as in-grown hairs, razor burn and whatever your male skin desires.
Total Body Rejuvenation                                                        90min $150
 This treatment revitalizes your face and body. Created to target your back muscles with our warm stones infused with aromatherapy oils. Your hands will indulge in the added benefits of exfoliation and hydration with our paraffin treatment while your feet are exfoliated and also treated to a warm stone massage. Choose from any of our customized facials for their hydrating and restorative benefits.


 Face Body Pathway                                                              75min $115
 Begin with a warm stone massage infused with essential oils on your back to treat an often neglected area of the body, add any customized facial of your choice. The ultimate treatment to  address your skin and body concerns. 


Aromatherapy                                                      add to any treatment $10

Personalize your treatment by adding an essential oil blend to your service to target your needs physically and psychologically to create an aromatherapy treatment.


The Studio's Triple Threat Eye Treatment                                       $25

The appearance of your eyes can make you look older than your age and prevent you from looking your best. Wrinkles, dark circles and puffy eyes may occur alone or together. Our breakthrough treatment targets the three main eye problems.

(Add to any facial treatment)

Lip Treatment                                                                                 $25
Our lip treatment will stimulate collagen production and plump up lines and  smooth wrinkles. It will redefine and contour lips. For dry, cracked lips as well as deep lines.