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Aging Gracefully is Overated

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Frequently Asked Questions                    
Q: What is the difference between basic bikini and brazilian?
A: For a Brazilian think no hair "ANYWHERE." We remove everything from front to back, leaving the entire area completely smooth. Basic Bikini involves the removal of your hairs on  the outside of  your panty line.
Q:How long do I have to wait before my first wax?
A: To get the best results, I need your hair to be atleast 1/4" long, this takes the average person one to two weeks of growth. After the first wax, as long as you do not shave between services you will find the second wax to be more comfortable. This is because your hair will grow in more finer and more sparse. Typically, the "cactus" feel you have with shaving will not exist with waxing, making it easier to grow out between waxes.
Q: I got my eyebrows waxed once and the skin came off. Why?
A:There are several reasons for this. If you are using skin care products that contain salicylic acid, glycolic acid or alpha hydroxy acids of any kind these can cause the skin to lift while waxing. Another area of caution is agressive exfoliation of the skin such as microdermabrasion or chemical peels. Prescription medication such as antibiotics, Accutane or topical ointments such as Retin-A or Renova can cause the skin to thin and lift while being waxed. Other products to keep in mind are Strivectin, Proactive, Avita and Avage. There is also the possibility that your technician may be inexperience or is using an inferior wax that is not gentle. My recommendation is that if you are unsure of any topical creams or prescriptions you are using, ask first. Keep in mind that it is difficult to predict how skin will react no matter how many precautions are taken.       
Q:Is there anything I should do to prepare for waxing and to be comfortable?
A:Yes. There are a few things you can do, I often recommend you taking Ibuprofen at least 20 minutes before your waxing service, as long as this does not contradict what your doctor has told you. If you are a female client, schedule your waxing service the first two weeks after your cycle. Your sensitivity level is less during this time. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as these can stimulate, making you more senstive and increases the redness after waxing.  
Q:How long will my skin stay red?
A:It depends on the person and the skin type. For most people it takes up to 1/2 hour. After waxing, do not tan and avoid chlorine for 24 hours. If you are a bride or attending a special occasion, I recommend receiving waxing services a month before your special occasion to see how your skin reacts. If everything is fine, reschedule another wax a day or two before the occasion.  
           If you have any questions about our treatments or are unsure about              
anything please contact us and ask to speak to one of our technicians.