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Aging Gracefully is Overated

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We are still featuring Pastor Curl Oral Hazell of Agape Fellowship Christian Center,Inc book
We still have a few more copies available.
Give the gift of reading.

The Demonstration of Nine Principles that Characterize Authentic Faith.

If you are:
--seeking understanding or are just willing to learn more about the subject of faith
--concerned or worried to the point of feeling hopeless because of the many trials you face today
--in need of inspiration to motivate you to do the things you know God called you to do ...

Then Real Faith in Action is a must read!

As you study the display of faith by many others of the past, as well as learn how it is possible for you to do the same today, confidence is guaranteed to be stirred up in you, causing you to trust God for every one of His promises which He made you. Moreover, such inspiration promises to be uncontainable—you will want to invite others to discover this refreshing of assurance of faith in God. 

“It was by looking be­yond the visible and unto the invisible, the writer explains, that Moses was able to conquer his fear of the king. He looked beyond the object of his fear and unto the invisible God in whose hands his life was held secure.

He knew that no matter what might happen to him, it could only occur if the Keeper of his life allowed it, and not because his enemy willed it. Now since we cannot see the invisible God with the natural eyes, but only through the eyes of faith can we receive this courage, faith thus becomes the means by which we are able to find courage to withstand our fears.

This is how Moses was able to face the king, and it is the same way that we will be able to face those ‘kings’ that stand to oppose our effort to choose Christ over the world.”

--From principle Eight: Faith sees beyond the present “pleasures” of this life


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