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Aging Gracefully is Overated

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Add any chemical peel to your facial treatment for dramatic results and additional benefits:


Glycolic Acid                                                                                        $50

Glycolic acid is a alpha hydroxy acid that brightens dull looking skin by loosening dead cells, it also prevent dead cell build up, while smoothing skin’s surface, and improving skin’s texture.


Lactic Acid                                                                                           $50

Lactic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid that exfoliates by dissolving dead cells and provides the skin with a total renewing effect, while  moisturizing and restoring PH balance. It is an anti-microbial and most importantly serves as a skin lightener by suppressing the   formation of Tyrosinase. Your skin also produces Lactic acid, great for clients who are sensitive to glycolic acid.



Dermal Flash Peel                                                                                                 $50

A combination of cinnamon and cosmetic grade phenol, this “Hot Peel” exfoliates and stimulates sluggish, dull skin and gives skin an amazing youthful glow.



Grape Wine Peel                                                                                 $50

Our Grape wine peel is a "natural" alternative to harsh glycolic acid and salicylic acid peels. This 20% multi-fruit acid complex made with white grape wine and fresh fruit pulp getly exfoliates the upper epidermis while wine polyphenols brighten and condition the skin. 



Peptide Power Treatment                                                                     $50 

  This powder peel utilizes breakthrough phyto-peptide technology to help diminish the appereance of fine lines and wrinkles while a blend of mulberry, saxifraga, grape seed extract and vitamin C are added for their skin brightnening and toning properties.